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    Connected Lighting
    The idea is simple. The results revolutionary.

    Why we connect

    Imagine. The year is 2025. From every connected light powerful insights make cities, buildings and homes more livable, sustainable and cost-efficient. Platforms and apps turn all of this big data into an incredible source of productivity and commercialization. It optimizes transport systems, manages air quality, improves our use of lighting, heating and air conditioning. It directs vehicles, monitors safety and household appliances.  

    For you as an OEM this presents countless opportunities. The global LED lighting market is expected to reach US$54bn by 2022, almost doubling in value.  By 2020 25% of all luminaires sold will be part of a connected lighting system.  And 70% of new commercial buildings will implement smart lighting. 

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    How we connect

    As a Philips Lighting partner, you’re in a strong position to lead the field and create the smart products and solutions the world is waiting for. 

    Philips Xitaniuam Sensor-Ready LED drivers can send and receive the data that is vital to the running of our cities. And they work seamlessly with a growing list of sensors and components – with guaranteed interoperability, thanks to our SR-certified program. 

    Watch our video from thought leader, Peter Duine, to understand how Philips open standards platform enables you to confidently innovate and partner.

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