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    The best Internet of Things (IoT) lighting platform is nothing without the best partners to bring it life. 

    This website connects like-minded entrepreneurs with a common vision, platform and technologies, creating a vibrant hub for innovation. It’s a one-stop destination where you can be inspired by the latest IoT innovations, stay on top of our open standards platform, and reach out to other OEM partners to collaborate and co-create.

    Join us as we build the lighting IoT innovations that will solve society’s most pressing problems and shape a better world. 

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    Connected lighting
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    Discover how connected lighting can open-up countless opportunities for you, with insights that make cities, buildings and homes more livable, sustainable and cost-efficient. 

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    The Internet of Things is bigger than all of us. Connect with like-minded companies to build integrated products for smart cities, buildings, retail stores, hospitals, factories and homes.

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    The Internet of Things is all about continuous innovation. Stay right up to date with the latest developments, thought leadership and success stories with our curated selection.

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    How luminaires can work smarter for all

    How luminaires can
    work smarter for all


    We all know that lighting can be adjusted in many ways –  from daylight dimming to task tuning via manual or scheduled controls. But while it’s useful to match lighting to different personal preferences, it’s even more useful to understand how and what different settings can create.

    DiiA DALI standard

    New DiiA DALI standard
    based on Philips SR driver


    Philips has pioneered the standardization of digital LED drivers to improve interoperability and guarantee compatibility with SR certified sensors, components and management systems.


    New release!

    Our OEM LED Catalogue 2021 are now ready for your download. View this files now to find out more about our latest innovations in Philips LED System and Drives.

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    Working with Philips IoT technologies couldn’t be easier. Click on the icons below to set up your own portal, order samples, or use our point and click selection, design and configurator tools. We’ve designed everything to be smart and simple, so you can move ahead fast.

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