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    Get ready for NEA's energy amendments on energy inefficient lighting.

    Singapore is convinced of the benefits of switching to more environmentally friendly, energy efficient LED lighting. With amendments to energy conservations regulations and energy conservation order under the Energy Conservation Act (ECA), Singapore will phase out numerous conventional light sources, with effect from 1 April 2024. The Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme (MELS) will be extended to all types of T8 and T5 tubes for general lighting. All regulated lamps sold in Singapore must meet the revised regulations.


    Provide your customers future-proof, easy to install and outstanding quality Philips LED lamps and luminaires making the transition to LED as easy as possible in every application.

    Make sure you're ready for the energy amendments on conventional PLC 2-Pin!


    Don’t get left in the dark. With sky-high energy costs, and the NEA energy amendments to PLC 2-Pin ban from 1 April, 2024, there’s never been a better time to switch and save.


    Experience a future-proof solution with the wide range of Philips CorePro PL LED lamps that directly replace compact fluorescent lamps non-integrated (PLC 2-Pin) in every application. They boost your business with:


    • Lifetime of up to 60,000 hours
    • Up to 60% energy savings compared to fluorescent lamps
    • Fast installation, minimal downtime
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    Time is running out: Switch to LED now


    Download our leaflet to learn everything you need to know about NEA's regulations and to see which lamps are affected, when they will be phased out, and the complete overview of recommended Philips LED replacements.

    Here's how much you can save by switching to Philps LED! 


    Switch to Philips LED for lower-energy, brighter and longer-lasting lights. Download this leaflet to find out how! 

    Switch and save with Philips LED
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    Upgrade your lighting for less: Philips LED promotion


    Switch and save with Philips LED today. Buy 10 LEDTubes and get 1 free or Buy 5 LED Luminaires and get 1 free. Contact our partners today to find out more!

    Be Prepared - with Philips LED solutions

    SLR overview
    Products already placed on the market before phase out may still be sold after these dates, but they may no longer be placed on the market.

    Fast and easy to fit


    Philips LED lamps and tubes are true retrofit, making them a hassle-free to install solution

    Eye camfort
    Brighter light
    Reliable Brand
    High CRI

    Helpful tools and links for you 

    LED conversion tool 


    Easily find the best LED

    alternative to replace

    conventional or outdated


    TCO tool


    Switching to LED always

    pays off! Calculate the total

    cost of ownership with our

    dedicated tool.

    Dansk Supermarked

    Light calculator


    Calculate the amount of luminaires depending on the room size and the application area.

    Dansk Supermarked



    Visit the Lighting Academy to learn about LED conversion, our tools, our portfolio and products.

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