Lighting the way to a safe return to work with Philips UV-C Upper-Air

Forte Partners

Forte Partners Office Building

Bucharest, Romania

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Forte Partners had to quickly adapt, in order to give their tenants the comfort to return to the office.

We have installed in our office upper-room disinfection luminaires, which are used because of the surrounding people working within facility, installed at a height that prevents exposure to the UV-C light source. With the natural ventilation in the room, this upper-floor disinfected air can be recirculated to its best effect and therefore we see it as the perfect application for our offices and other populated buildings.
- Stephen Burke, Construction Director, Forte Partners
Forte partners customer challenge

Customer challenge

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Forte Partners had to quickly adapt, hence they have been seeking for the most efficient procedures and safety measures, in order to give their tenants the comfort to return to the office. With increased focus on cleanliness, their main objective has been to give building users the opportunity to focus on their regular activities, without worrying about health issues within the office.

The concept and the solution

As an innovative developer, Forte Partners needed a revolutionary, efficient solution for its headquarters building. Therefore, they were the first partner to adopt the UV-C solution in their HQ office by installing 6 Philips UV-C Upper Air disinfection luminaires in the office space and meeting rooms. Forte Partners became a pioneer in UV-C air disinfection, moving forward to also introducing it to their tenants, in order to prove them it is possible to create a safe environment for people to stay and work in.

Philips Upper-Air equipments are designed to purify the air by neutralizing all the germs, viruses and bacteria. The technology has been used to disinfect for more than 35 years. In 2020, together with University of Boston, we were able to test and certify them for general purposes. 

The beam of UV-C rays is controlled by specific reflectors and the louvre design. This allows the disinfection of the air in a space, while ensuring that day-to-day business activities can continue underneath the area where the device is active. 

UV-C upper air luminaires disinfect continuously. Air flows to the upper layers of air in a room by means of natural convection. Once it has been disinfected by the fixtures, it flows back down and mixes with lower air layers in the office space.

This means they can be operated while people are in the room, enabling building users to remain safe and focused on their daily tasks. This solution is suitable for any closed environments where people need protection – from office spaces, as we did here with Forte Partners, but also schools, shops and even factories.

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