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    Project Services

    Installing a new lighting system can be a challenge. Philips Lighting Projects Services will help you do it quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal disruption to your business. We’ll provide complete management of the project, so you don’t need to deal with a multitude of suppliers, contractors, and transport companies. Or if you’ve already got a team in place, we’ll work with them to ensure everything runs to plan.
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    Project management   


    Whatever our level of involvement is, our project managers will help to turn your drawing-board designs into a reality as smoothly as possible.

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    Installing your system


    Installing a lighting system correctly is arguably the most crucial part of any project. It is vital that the equipment is prepared properly, fitted carefully, and checked diligently if it is to work exactly as it should. By trusting Philips to install your lighting system, you can be confident that it will perform reliably far into the future.


    While there are many good companies capable of installing your equipment, nobody understands Philips products quite like we do. That’s why we also offer separate installation partnerships for lighting projects of all kinds. And if you already have a relationship with a preferred installation contractor, we can provide professional and friendly supervision.

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    Integrating and programming


    When your project has needs that fall outside of standard lighting activities, we can help. Our engineers can integrate your lighting with heating systems, music systems, visual displays, and a myriad of other mediums. We can even offer specialist integration support. For example, we can tailor-make control software when it has not been provided by the equipment manufacturer.


    NOTE: Certain services may not be available in all countries. Please check with your local Philips representative.


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