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    GreenVision All-in-one Solar Street Light

    All-in-one Solar street light range up-to 18,000 lumens, suitable for high ambient temperature applications

    GreenVision All-in-one Solar Street Light

        Product family information

        Integrated solar street light with a Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery, solar panel and MPPT charge controller built into the luminaire. Pressure die cast aluminium for sturdiness and long life. A specially designed pole-mounting bracket allows different tilt angles, lateral and pole-top mounting. Adjustable LED module for better distribution of light when required.


        Brings light to areas without access to electric grid
        Preserves landscape as no trenching for cabling required
        Sturdy construction
        Suitable for high ambient temperature usage
        Saves energy, environmentally friendly


        High luminous efficacy of > 180 lm/Watt to maximise battery performance
        MPPT charge controller for maximum efficiency
        Specially designed pole-mounting bracket with adjustable tilt angles, which can also be used in post-top and lateral mounting positions
        3G-compliant pressure die-cast aluminium housing for sturdiness and excellent heat dissipation
        Factory-set dimming profile along with a microwave sensor for run time maximisation. Dimming can be configured at the site with the help of a configuration remote controller.
        Self-diagnostic feature with LED indicators.


        Road and streetlighting
        Perimeter lighting
        Parks, pedestrian paths, cycle tracks
        Shopping centres, squares
        Industries, office and school campues
        Suburban areas
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