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    Making a growing city

    Rivas Vaciamadrid, Spain


    Learn how light is helping Rivas Vaciamadrid to rapid reach a sustainability landmark.

    Urban area at Rivas, Spain illuminated with Philips outdoor lighting

    All in all, we have

    the targets that we set for ourselves: reducing emissions, increasing quality and uniformity, and achieving cost savings of 56%.”


    - Carlos Ventura, Director of Telecommunications - Rivas Local Council

    Running people illuminated by Philips lighting at Rivas
    Sports field at Rivas, Spain lit by Philips

    Customer challenge

    Rivas Vaciamadrid is the fastest expanding European town of the last 30 years. Following its growth from 500 citizens to over 80,000, the local council needed to control rising power use and C02 production. An upgrade to energy-efficient lighting was in order.
    Philips innovative lighting systems transform Rivas into a smart city

    The right lighting


    Rivas Vaciamadrid municipality had big plans. Aware of the impact of rapid population growth, the local authorities launched a project called ‘Rivas Emisiones 0’. Its aim was to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by the year 2020, and to achieve carbon neutral status by the year 2030. This would mean replacing the town’s lighting sodium vapour and metal halide lamps with green technologies.


    LED lamps provided a state-of-the-art solution. Luma 1 and Luma Mini luminaires were installed in roads, residential areas and parks. They create a welcoming atmosphere where residents feel at home, with high-quality, uniform light. Footpaths and sports areas were given a new feel with ClearFlood LED floodlights. Their bright, clean light instils a safe and comfortable night environment.


    In many cases, these cutting-edge lamps could be installed on existing light masts, for easy installation. And to save energy, all of the new fixtures can be dimmed when less light is needed. For instance, each Luma luminaire is programmed to give 100% of the lighting level needed during the hours of busy traffic, 70% during hours of less intense road use, and 50% for the remaining hours of darkness until sunrise.


    At the time of writing, the municipality has replaced 82% of its lights with LED fixtures. Energy consumption has been reduced by 56%, and annual C02 emissions will fall by 990 tons.

    • ClearFlood
      The Philips ClearFlood is a dedicated LED floodlight delivering economical white light solutions for recreational sports and area applications. Designed around state-of-the-art LED...

    urban aesthetics

    The team

    Municipality Rivas Vaciamadrid


    Elacnor, José Luis Martín


    Mauricio de Ramón Chicano

    Philips representative

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