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    Saving energy

    at a beauty brand’s headquarters

    Brasschaat, Belgium

    Find out how LED office lighting has created an eco-friendly working environment at Pronails


     Using Philips LED pendant lights, the interior of Pronails is a bright, eco-friendly environment

    We are extremely

    about the effect and the quality of LED lighting, especially in our classrooms and the creative room. Obviously, the energy and material savings that we are making are very important to us too. In concrete terms, we now use 40% less energy in comparison with a conventional lighting solution.”


    - Cathy Horvath, Financial Director Pronails


    Customer challenge


    Pronails is making hands and feet beautiful. As well as producing top-quality nail care and beauty products, it offers training for nail technicians in 45 different countries. For its new headquarters in Brasschat, Belgium, the company wanted attractive, energy-efficient lighting.

    The right lighting 

    Energy-efficiency was a top priority for the new lights. PowerBalance, LuxSpace and Arano LED pendants were installed in classrooms to ensure a bright, atmospheric light that aids productivity. The LED Pendants in each zone are equipped with ActiLume, a lighting management system. ActiLume uses available daylight to maintain a constant light level, saving energy and reducing costs.


    StyliD PureDetail was installed in the classrooms and shops, to bring out the quality of products. The PureDetail range is perfect for this application, thanks to its realistic colour reproduction. For the building exterior, the façade was lit with attractive strips of color, giving the site an eye-catching iconic feel.


    The new lighting hit the nail on the head. After the installation, the staff were pleasantly surprised by the high-quality, comfortable ambience in the building. “Our expectation that the light would be a bit ‘harsh’ have been totally disproved”, said Finance Director Cathy Horvath.


    Due to the energy-efficient performance of LED and the intelligent control systems, the new lighting uses 40% less energy than traditional fixtures would.

    • Arano LED BPS640
      Arano LED BPS640
      Arano is a range of luminaires for TL5 fluorescent lamps and LED light sources, featuring Philips’ micro-optics. The patented micro-optic with 3-D lamellae combines a miniaturist d...

    Optimizing the
    learning environment

    The Team



    ITB (via their sub-contractor IBELEC)


    Eric van Aerden, ITB

    Project manager

    Zeger Cootjans, ELD

    Technical advice

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