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    First professional league stadium

    in Singapore to use LED lighting

    Jurong East Stadium



    With the Philips Optivision Gen 2, the Jurong East Stadium is now able to provide lighting that meet professional football league and broadcast standards. 

    Photo of a stadium from its exterior

    Signify has managed to

    deliver a quality, energy efficient

    lighting solution that meets the requirement of the local professional football league, enhancing the lives of both the sportspersons and residents of the area."


    -Eric Ooi, Director, Leap Integrated Pte Ltd

    Photo of the stadium from the field

    A bright stadium within a residential area


    Jurong East Stadium, being in close proximity to high rise residential buildings in the surroundings, meant that glare is a main concern for its residents. There was also a need to significantly increase the standard lighting level in stadiums to 1200 lux instead of the current 500 lux in the stadium. 

    High efficacy lighting


    Jurong East Stadium has since become the first stadium in Singapore to use LED lighting that was on par with S-League's standards, a professional football league in Singapore. Furthermore, since implementing a full LED solution, the lighting in Jurong East Stadium also meets broadcast standards and high lighting level without downtime. All these while achieving 50% energy savings and maintaining a low glare and limited light spill, ensuring that residents living nearby are remain comfortable. 

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