Frost: The optimum lighting for fresh fish

Why is the fresh department relevant?

Because fresh is the growth engine of stores. Whether it is meat or cheese, fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, fresh continues to draws shoppers into physical stores. The fresher the food looks, the more attention it gains.

The correct lighting brings out the colors and textures of fresh food, enticing customers to stop and buy. Furthermore, lighting enhances the overall store experience and has a positive effect on sales of fresh produce.

Fish as a natural source of protein

Fish Benefits

The health benefits of fish are driving consumption in Europe:

  • Two-thirds of European consumers purchase fish at least once a month.
  • The supermarket or grocery store is where most fish and seafood are purchased.
  • Appearance, cost and origin are considered the most important aspects when buying fish.

Given that fish is becoming more important for consumers, supermarkets are responding by making the fresh fish department more relevant and interesting to them. For this reason, good lighting, in combination with temperature control and ice, is key to enhancing the appearance of the fish.

This will increase the lure of the fish and seafood section in supermarkets, and help turn a routine shopping trip into an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Experience Frost: the newest Fresh Food LED recipe for fish

Fish in ice

Increase the lure of the fish section with Frost

Based on market research in Europe, we developed a dedicated spectral tuned Fresh Food LED recipe, called Frost, which translates into:

  • Fish looking fresher
  • Greater intensity of colors 
  • Attractive skin tonalities

What’s possible with Fresh Food LED Recipe Frost

To optimally light fish and aquaculture products, follow the next 5 lighting design recommendations for fish displays.


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