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Creating that
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E.ON, Malmo, Sweden


Find out how office lighting is helping E.ON to set new standards in sustainability

The meeting room lit up with Philips Office Lighting solutions at E.ON, Malmo

When the lighting is
turned off

you can’t see the luminaires, just the ceiling. And when the lighting is on, you get more of daylight feeling. It almost feels like being outdoors.”

- Hans Björk, Technical Director, E.ON Fastigheter Sverige AB


An improved atmosphere in the meeting area at E.ON office, Sweeden, illuminated with soundlight comfort lighting by Philips

Customer challenge


When pioneering power company E.ON was renovating its offices, it sought to improve the lighting environment for its employees. However, as a leader in energy efficiency, it was also vital for E.ON to set a good example for its customers by finding a sustainable solution.

The right lighting


LED was the perfect solution. The newly refurbished office was comprised of three large project rooms and ten small meeting rooms, as well as a common room where colleagues can relax. We got to work replacing the existing fluorescent lights with recessed CoreView panels and StyliD Mini 17w recessed spotlights. The result is a pleasant, airy atmosphere that keeps colleagues relaxed and productive.


In the spacious common room, we adorned the new suspended ceiling with SoundLight Comfort Ceiling Luminaires. These fixtures have the same dimensions as ceiling tiles, but also provide clean, refreshing illumination, while absorbing excess sound and eliminating echo. As with all of our LED products, the SoundLight panels use significantly less power than traditional office lighting. The integrated luminaries are controlled throughout the office by DynaLite/DALI and Occuswitch controls. As well as allowing users to manually choose between five light settings, the controls offer daylight regulation and motion detection.


Because artificial light is never used more than necessary, the company makes significant energy savings. With an improved work environment and reduced energy use, all of E.ON’s objectives have been achieved.  A simple switch to LED has made all the difference.


Replacing T5 and T8 tubes with LED ushered in energy savings of 28% and 48% respectively. In addition, the heat-free operation of LED will save air-conditioning costs in summer, and the durable LED lamps will not have to be changed for at least 15 years.

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