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Making light work of
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You Are Here store,

Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Find out how CrispWhite technology helped fashion outlet You Are Here create the perfect presentation.

Outside area at 200 grays inn, with a view on the luminous textile

I became particularly
interested in

the effect of light on glass and fiberglass and started incorporating it into my designs."

-Jef Montes, Fashion designer
You are here fashion shop shop window
Close up of the you are here fashion store

Customer challenge


Fashion store You Are Here was in need of a winning window display. For the Philips Illuminesca event in 2013, it was showcasing the work of an upcoming designer. However, when the store struggled to create the right look with traditional retail lighting, some innovative illumination was needed.

Enlightend shop window of the you are here fashion store

The right lighting


Up-and-coming designer Jef Montes is no stranger to artificial light. The 25 year-old graduate of Arnhem’s ArtEZ Institute of the Arts began experimenting with light on fiber and glass in his final year, incorporating it into his work with stunning effect. His daring designs have since taken the fashion world by storm.

For the Philips 2013 Illuminesca event, one of Jef’s top pieces was displayed in Eindhoven store You Are Here. Understandably, it was important to represent the work accurately in the storefront display. However, traditional retail lighting often makes whites appear yellow, so something different was needed to illuminate the installation.

Philips StyliD CrispWhite was the answer. Providing clean, intense whites while bringing out rich colors, this new technology is ideal for retail situations where bright lights are needed. The optimized light spectrum rivals Halogen in brightness, delivering powerful illumination in a single, easily positioned light source. Thanks to ground-breaking shop window lighting, Jef Monte’s work looked as good in in the shop window as it does on the catwalk.

Retaining the delicate balance of light on fiberglass while accentuating the vivid colors of the piece, the results spoke for themselves. Never before has light and white fiberglass looked so stylish!

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