Innovation and you

Innovation and you
A healthier glow
Sometimes innovation simply means making something less scary. Philips lights are doing just that for one brave little girl.

LED Certification Program

LED passport
Improve your knowledge of LED lighting, become an LED specialist. Take our newest LED courses and gain knowledge on various LED and lighting related topics.


Define your retail space
With Philips StyliD LED range you can specify the exact configuration you need to create your own memorable style - from size to light output, appearance to mounting.

Lighting Hub iPad app

Philips Lighting Hub iPad app
The app contains inspirational projects and also offers you the complete professional lighting portfolio in one go.

Upcoming webinar

Upcoming webinar
Our indoor lighting standards are based on the eyesight of young adults. Since the human eye changes as it ages, it’s time to redefine these standards. Join this webinar and get insights into optimum lighting for all ages.

SmartBright LED

SmartBright LED
Long-lasting, maintenance-free and friendly to the environment, the future of the world lies in LED Lighting. The Philips SmartBright LED Collection is not only the most versatile LED commodity range in the market, it also offers reliability, affordability and high performance.

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