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    Indoor positioning


    Perfect light, precise location

    Personalization, insights and efficiency

    Smartphones already provide a wealth of information, and with apps and services powered by Philips Indoor positioning, you can make the in-store experience even better while improving your store’s performance.

    Enhance the in-store experience for shoppers with location-based marketing and wayfinding. Coupled with a loyalty database, this allows for personalized promotional pop-ups and location-based product suggestions on shoppers’ smartphones. Wayfinding can also improve staff efficiency by helping with restocking and online order picking. Data gathered from the smartphone app can provide valuable insights for store managers, including information about space use, dwell time and shopper journeys.

    Indoor positioning benefits at a glance

    Save on energy

    Improve convenience

    Wherever they are in the store, shoppers can use their smart devices to navigate to the products they want, enhancing the ease and convenience of their shopping experience.

    Save on energy

    Increase dwell time and give new reasons to buy

    With location-based promotions and notifications, customers are more engaged, likely to stay longer, and more inclined to make a purchase.

    Save on energy

    Increase staff efficiency

    Accurate, real-time data helps route employees to issues, restock items, pick orders, and provide location-based support.

    Save on energy

    Gain in-store insights

    Your Indoor positioning system provides location data to optimize store layout, improve flow, and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns based on how customers are using the space.

    What’s possible with Indoor Positioning


    Our Indoor positioning system turns your store’s lighting grid into a location-based marketing infrastructure.

    How Indoor positioning works

    The Philips Indoor positioning system works with LED luminaires that are embedded with visible light communication (VLC) technology. Using the light from the luminaires, the system sends a unique code to a mobile device, accurately pinpointing the user’s specific location on a map of the store. The user’s device is now location-aware and the app delivers location-based services. 

    The Indoor positioning system does not require additional installations other than the LED luminaires with VLC. With an iOS and Android SDK and cloud services, retailers or their app developers can embed the positioning capabilities into their apps, delivering instant location-based services.

    Information gathered from the indoor positioning system is stored in the cloud. Venue owners can use this data on shopper behavior to further optimize and improve the store layout.

    Indoor positioning system app - Visible light communication technology - Cloud services - Customer insights | Infographic
    Philips Lighting partners with global technology innovators to help retailers transform shopping with indoor positioning

    Location Lab partner program

    We’re partnering with innovative technology companies to help you transform the shopper experience within the physical store using indoor positioning.
    Philips Lighting’s YellowDot program certifies competitor LED luminaires for use with our indoor positioning technology

    YellowDot program

    The YellowDot program is a luminaire certification program that allows manufacturers to test and certify that their LED luminaires are interoperable with Philips’ indoor positioning technology. In support of this program, Philips Lighting has made a range of YellowDot ready LED drivers available for the European market.

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