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    Light management system

    Become a smart city with connected lighting

    CityTouch is a secure, connected lighting management platform that is helping cities become more livable, efficient and sustainable.


    CityTouch provides full visibility and control of your city’s street lighting from a centralized dashboard, allowing you to securely monitor light points, set schedules, and adjust light levels on demand. Data encryption and two-factor authentication ensure the software meets the most stringent security standards.


    Easy to use web applications provide a complete view of your connected street lights, enabling you to manage workflows and deploy maintenance crews only when and where needed. System data gives you near real-time insights into energy use and cost, helping you plan and schedule more efficiently.

    CityTouch connected public lighting for your smart city video
    CityTouch Ready luminaires from Philips integrate seamlessly with the CityTouch platform. Your existing luminaires can also be made CityTouch ready with a node or connector kit, or you can select luminaires from our list of certified partners. Whichever CityTouch Ready luminaires you choose, CityTouch gives you complete flexibility with open standards and easy integration with other intelligent platforms and IoT devices, ensuring you keep pace with smart city trends – now and in the future.

    CityTouch benefits at a glance

    Philips Lighting’s CityTouch provides the infrastructure for smart cities, starting with smart street lighting
    Save on energy

    Improved decision making

    Manage lighting, measure energy use, monitor system health and diagnose problems from a single intuitive dashboard.   

    Rapid return on investment

    Switching to LED street lighting immediately reduces energy costs. Combining LED with the insights into usage and remote diagnostics available from the CityTouch lighting management system, saves you even more and helps recoup your investment quickly.

    Save on energy

    Flexible with open standards

    CityTouch integrates with any asset management system and any type of luminaire giving you freedom to choose the vendor that works best for your city. Certified vendors provide CityTouch Ready luminaires, which connect automatically to the CityTouch system.

    Future proof and secure
    This is an open system that supports sensors, cameras and other IoT devices to enable future smart services. With dedicated user roles and fully encrypted data flows, the system meets the highest standards for security. Regular software updates ensure your system is always up-to-date.
    Save on energy

    Upgrade or expand easily

    Easy to use and commission, this secure system works with both new and existing luminaires to connect all of your city’s smart lighting. For existing street lights that are not CityTouch compatible, simply mount a CityTouch connector kit (EU) or node (Americas/NZ/AU) to each pole.

    What’s possible with CityTouch


    CityTouch is a platform for managing public LED street lighting.

    How it works


    CityTouch is an end-to-end street lighting management system. For more information on any of these components, download one of the brochures below.

    CityTouch portfolio

    With an intuitive user interface and stringent security standards, your CityTouch platform is scalable to fit your needs and gives you complete visibility and control of your entire lighting system.
    Manage your connected street lighting remotely with Philips Lighting’s CityTouch connect app
    Philips Lighting’s CityTouch workflow app provides insights and workflows for efficient connected lighting

    CityTouch connect app

    Manage street lights remotely, monitor luminaire status, including failure notifications, and measure energy use in near real time using a standard web browser. 
    Philips Lighting CityTouch connected lighting systems work with standard networks

    CityTouch workflow app

    Analyze data, plan maintenance and maintain consistent lighting with rich data visualization capabilities. The mobile tool shares maintenance details with field crews and logs activity automatically to avoid redundant data streams.

    Connectivity options

    Individual light point control

    Group light point control

    Philips Lighting’s CityTouch workflow app provides insights and workflows for efficient connected lighting

    CityTouch Ready luminaires

    Luminaires labeled as CityTouch Ready are designed for seamless plug and play connectivity. They automatically establish a connection, auto-locate on the map and support automated data upload into the CItyTouch system. Next to Philips CItyTouch Ready luminaires, customers can pick from a broad range of products, independent of the vendor of brand.
    Philips Lighting’s CityTouch workflow app provides insights and workflows for efficient connected lighting

    CityTouch connectivity devices

    For existing luminaires, use the connector kit (EU) or the connector node (Americas, NZ, AU) to enable plug-and-play connectivity.

    Group light point control

    Philips Lighting’s CityTouch workflow app provides insights and workflows for efficient connected lighting

    Cabinet-based group connectivity

    Connect a group of your installed street lights through a power line to a segment controller, which connects to the CityTouch software via the internet.

    CityTouch Ready partner program

    The CityTouch Ready partner program allows you to reap the benefits of connected lighting management while maintaining the freedom to choose your own luminaire vendor.

    The CityTouch Ready partner program is available to all luminaire vendors. Any vendor wishing to become a CItyTouch Ready partner needs to complete the certification process to ensure that all CityTouch Ready luminaires are truly plug-and-play and deliver the same ease of use.

    The list of certified partners is continuously growing

    Services for CityTouch

    lifecycle services

    Lifecycle Services

    Optimize your city’s lighting performance and protect your investment with a service package from Philips Lighting that delivers great savings and hassle-free operation.

    Case studies

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