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        Product family information

        If you want to save energy and at the same time cultivate a 'green' image, then LED lighting is for you.Featuring a fresh new design, a newly developed optical system and modules with new mid-flux LEDs, the robust, waterproof Pacific LED WT460C delivers high-quality white light with excellent beam control to minimise glare – important in applications like parking garages. What’s more, installation is quick and easy, thanks to the smart end-caps. And the light engine can be serviced, enabling future LED upgrades without having to replace the entire luminaire.


        Up to 53% energy saving compared with fluorescent solutions with electronic ballast up to 2 x 58 W
        Designed for extreme conditions ranging from -30 ºC up to +45 ºC
        Diverse optics including a new optical system for provide comfortable lighting at low ceilings


        New modules with mid-flux LEDs for excellent light quality
        Low maintenance costs due to long lifetime of LEDs
        Light source is serviceable/upgradeable
        Excellent glare control


        Parking garages
        Cold storage facilities
        Product Data Sheets
        Product family details
        • WT460C
        • WT461C (chemical resistant version)
        Light source
        • Philips Fortimo LEDline 3R
        • 17 to 52 W (depending on type)
        Beam angle
        • 2 x 62º (VWB)
        • 2 x 23º (NB)
        • 2 x 57º (WB)
        • Lambertian distribution (O)
        Luminous flux
        • 2300 to 6400 lm (depending on type)
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 4000 K
        Color Rendering Index
        • 80
        Median useful life L70B50
        • 70,000 hours
        Median useful life L80B50
        • 50,000 hours
        Median useful life L90B50
        • 25,000 hours
        Driver failure rate
        • 1,0% per 5000 hours
        Average ambient temperature
        • +25 ºC
        Operating temperature range
        • -20 to +45 ºC (PSD)
        • -20 to +45 ºC (PSD, versions with opal lenses)
        • -30 to +45 ºC (PSU)
        • -30 to +45 ºC (PSU, versions with opal lenses)
        • 0 to 35 ºC (versions with emergency batteries)
        • Built-in
        Mains voltage
        • 230 or 240 V / 50-60 Hz
        Control system input
        • Fixed output: PSU
        • Dimmable: PSD with DALI
        • Emergency lighting (integrated): 3 hours (EL3)
        • Dimming
        • Chemical resistant
        • Through wiring (TW1 or TW3)
        • Housing: polycarbonate (WT461C: with special coating for chemical resistance)
        • Ceiling clips: stainless steel
        • Lenses: PMMA
        • Grey, RAL 7035
        • Narrow (NB), wide (WB) and very wide (VWB) beam
        • Opal/comfort lenses (O)
        • Integral male / female connectors
        • Individual; locking the luminaire into pre-mounted ceiling plate (delivered with the luminaire)
        • Through-wiring possible
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