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        Product family information

        These days, many office owners and office lighting designers prefer clean lines of light. The reason is simple. Not only do light lines come in a minimalistic design; they also offer far more choice and flexibility. Short or long lines and luminaires, standalone luminaires, different shapes and even a variety of colours; anything is possible. And with KeyLine, all these benefits come at a competitive price while still complying with office lighting requirements. KeyLine is a superb light line range with a slim, minimalistic design and a high lumen output to illuminate the brightest office spaces. But with comfortable, low levels of glare it’s also easy on the eye and complies with UGR19. That makes KeyLine ideal for linear applications, as well as standalone suspended or surface-mounted luminaires. A range that offers the ultimate flexibility and unlimited possibilities. KeyLine design flexibility comes in the form of different lengths, colours and light outputs – including L-shapes, as well as straight lines. All with high efficiency up to 130 lm/W and the option to upgrade with wireless connectivity and control. Add to that attractive pricing, and with KeyLine you can also enjoy excellent value that ensures a superb total cost of ownership.


        Suitable for office applications
        Excellent total cost of ownership
        Wide range of options to suit the demands of different offices


        Comfortable, low glare:
        High lumen output, up to 4,000 lm for 1.2 m version
        Interact connectivity-ready with wireless drivers
        Standard options in different lengths, colours and light outputs
        Customisation options


        Interact Pro Foundation, Advanced and Enterprise for office applications



        Warning & Safety

        KeyLine luminaires have an IPX0 classification and are not protected against water ingress. We strongly recommend that the installation environment is checked for suitability.
        If – despite the IPX0 classification warning – luminaires are subject to water ingress, Philips and Signify cannot guarantee safety or prevent failure. In this case the product warranty does not apply and becomes void.
        Product Data Sheets
        Software Plugins
        Product family details
        Ambient Temperature
        • +10 to +35 °C
        Beam spread luminaire
        • 74° x 74°
        Initial correlated colour temperature
        • 3000 K, 4000 K
        Initial input power
        • 19.6 W, 20 W, 24 W, 25 W, 30 W, 37 W, 37.5 W
        Initial LED luminaire efficacy
        • 127, 130, 133, 135, 136, 138, 142 lm/W
        Initial luminous flux
        • 2600 lm, 2700 lm, 3400 lm, 3800 lm, 4000 lm, 5000 lm
        Light source colour
        • 830 warm white, 840 neutral white
        Warranty period
        • 5 years
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