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    • Truefashion GCGM, ST700T, elegant outlook design, quality of light with dedicated light recipe, system connectivity with DALI-VLC.

      ST700T LED30 930PW PSU MB 3C WH
      ST700T LED30 930PW PSU MB 3C WH

      ST700T LED30 930PW PSU MB 3C WH

      Order code: 911401575761

      Full Product Code: 911401575761

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    General Information
    Lamp colour code
    PremiumWhite with CRI ≥90, and colour temperature 3,000 K
    Optical cover/lens type
    Fashion proof optic beam angle 24°
    Control interface
    Protection class IEC
    Safety class II (II)
    CE mark
    CE mark
    Number of products on MCB (16 A type B)
    LED engine type
    Operating and Electrical
    Input Voltage
    220 to 240 V
    Input frequency
    50 or 60 Hz
    Power factor (min.)
    Controls and Dimming
    Mechanical and Housing
    Housing material
    Optical cover/lens material
    Polymethyl methacrylate
    Optical cover/lens finish
    Overall length
    226 mm
    Overall height
    194 mm
    Overall diameter
    80 mm
    White and black
    Approval and Application
    Ingress protection code
    IP20  [ Finger-protected]
    Mech. impact protection code
    Initial Performance (IEC Compliant)
    Initial luminous flux (system flux)
    3168.44 lm
    Luminous flux tolerance
    Initial LED luminaire efficacy
    85.40831032215648 lm/W
    Lamp colour temperature
    3000 K
    Colour Rendering Index
    Initial input power
    37.1 W
    Power consumption tolerance
    Application Conditions
    Ambient temperature range
    -20 to +35 °C
    Product Data
    Full product code
    Order product name
    ST700T LED30 930PW PSU MB 3C WH
    Order code
    Numerator – quantity per pack
    SAP numerator – packs per outer box
    Material no. (12 NC)
    Net Weight (Piece)
    0.599 kg
    Installation Diagrams

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