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        Product family information

        High-pressure sodium lamp with clear tubular outer bulb, long reliable lifetime and zero mercury


        Superior technology results in a long and reliable lifetime, high lumen maintenance and reliable ignition over lifetime
        Zero mercury makes this the most environmentally friendly product in this application area


        Clear tubular outer bulb
        Ceramic discharge tube with new Active Philips Integrated Antenna (APIA) for an improved long and reliable lifetime; up to five years service lifetime
        Robust construction with few welding points is highly vibration- and shock-resistant, further reducing early failures and extending lamp life
        ZrAl getter ensures high lumen maintenance and few early failures
        "Plus" concept with high efficacy translates into high light output
        Fully compliant with EuP legislation for sodium lamps


        Road and residential lighting
        Industrial area lighting
        Recreational sports facilities, indoor and outdoor
        Decorative floodlighting, illumination

        Warning & Safety

        Control gear must include end-of-life protection (IEC 60662, IEC 62035)
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