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    With Luminous


    Reimagine a space with light and pattern

    using dynamic embedded LED light.

    Ready for installation  


    Our built-to-order panels come in a variety of standard or custom finishes.


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    A ‘play of brilliants’ excites

    the optic nerves, and in turn

    stimulates the body and spirit,

    quickens the appetite, awakens

    curiosity, sharpens the wit…”


    Richard Kelly

    Who we are


    Philips Luminous Patterns is a new venture within Philips Lighting. Our mission is to transform architectural surfaces into luminous experiences. We are a small dedicated team who want to help you in creating your experience.
    Brad Koerner

    Brad Koerner,

    Venture Manager
    Emmeke Jansen

    Emmeke Jansen,  

    Marketing & Communications
    Shirley Xu

    Kenneth van Kogelenberg,

    Shirley Xu

    Shirley Xu,

    Sales and marketing manager - Asia

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