Smart light switches for smarter homes

    Bring traditional light control into the modern era with Friends of Hue smart light switches. Wireless, easy to install, and expertly designed, these smart switches are the perfect complement to Philips Hue.

    The light switch — reimagined

    Convenient set up

    Wireless installation

    Don’t worry about the wiring — these smart switches are wireless, meaning you can just stick it and click it.
    Smart and self-powered

    Simple setup

    Set up your new smart light switch easily in the Hue app with default settings that get you going quickly.
    Easy-to-use controls

    Custom controls

    Customizable buttons let you program your smart switch to not only turn on your lights, but set scenes, dim or brighten, and more.
    Sleek, stylish design

    Diverse design

    With various styles, you can customize your home decor with a smart light switch that matches your taste.

    Lutron Aurora

    Experience just the right smart light, uninterrupted.

    The Aurora smart bulb dimmer locks a toggle light switch in the “on/up” position. That way, no one can accidentally turn the switch—and your Hue smart bulb functionality—off.
    Battery-free by EnOcean
    Works with Apple HomeKit


    Smart switch with smarter style

    The new smart light switches from RunLessWire allow you to put the final touch on your Philips Hue smart lighting setup. With innovative, elegant designs, these smart switches give you control over all your lights — and your decor.
    Battery-free by EnOcean
    Works with Apple HomeKit
    Schneider Electric

    Set up your smart light switch

    Learn how to set up your new Friends of Hue wireless light switch with the Hue app.
    Step 1
    Step 1

    Add smart light switch

    Go to Accessory setup in the Hue app. Select Add accessory, and then follow the prompts.
    Step 2
    Step 2

    Select Rooms

    Your smart switch can control the lights in up to three Rooms simultaneously, but you can also make each button control a separate Room.
    Step 3
    Step 3

    Customize controls

    Set up your smart switch to your liking. Each button can trigger a different setting, scene, brightness, or color — it’s up to you!
    Battery-free by enOcean

    No batteries required


    Some of the Friends of Hue light switches work via kinetic energy — in other words, simply pushing their buttons generates enough energy to power your smart switch. Just look for the battery-free icon by EnOcean.

    Works with Apple HomeKit

    Works with Apple HomeKit


    Friends of Hue switches are compatible with Apple HomeKit for easy integration into your current smart home setup.

    Friends of Hue

    Friends of Hue


    When you see the Friends of Hue logo, it means the product is tested, certified and works seamlessly with Philips Hue.

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    • Availability of Friends of Hue switches may vary per country.
    • Friends of Hue switches are only compatible with the square-shaped Philips Hue bridge 2.0.