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    Philips and Signify

    Philips is one of the world’s most trusted lighting brands. Since 1891, Philips has been synonymous with high-quality, reliable, innovative technology that improve people’s lives.

    The Philips brand is licensed to Signify, world leader in lighting, for lighting products and services. Philips is Signify’s primary brand for lamps, luminaires, and other lighting products for both professionals and consumers.

    Signify products carrying the Philips brand cover the complete range of lighting applications, from home, office, and industry to street lighting, horticulture, sports, and more.

    Other global lighting brands from Signify include:

    Interact logo
    Interact is Signify’s professional connected lighting software and systems brand.
    ColorKinetics logo
    Color Kinetics is Signify’s brand for dynamic architectural lighting systems.
    Philips Hue logo
    Philips Hue is the easiest, most inspiring and most comprehensive smart home lighting system.