TownGuide Core – Easy to choose, easy to use

TownGuide Core

TownGuide Core

  • TownGuide Core – Easy to choose, easy to use

    • Recognizable yet modern design choices that blend in harmoniously with their surroundings
    • State-of-the-art LEDs increase visual comfort for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians
    • Considerable reduction in energy usage and carbon footprint compared to conventional lamps such as HPL mercury, SON-T and PL-L compact fluorescent lamps (for example, a reduction of up to 66% compared to HPL mercury)


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Product family information

The TownGuide Core family consists of two recognizable yet modern shapes: Flat Cone and Bowl. Both are available with either a clear or frosted bowl. Offering an extensive range of lumen packages and a choice of color temperatures, as well as a long lifetime and comparatively low power consumption, TownGuide Core is a choice that is easily made. TownGuide Core offers quick and easy installation. Thanks to the bayonet whistle connector located in the spigot, the luminaire does not have to be opened at all, saving valuable labor time. In the development of TownGuide Core, Philips has made every effort to ensure the investment required is as low as possible. And as TownGuide Core is a dedicated LED luminaire, the energy cost savings compared to conventional lighting are significant, making it a natural choice to replace HPL lamps, which are banned from 2015 onwards.


Dedicated LED luminaire requiring low capital expenditure
Wide choice of lumen packages, ranging from 2,000 up to 7,000 lumens (ECO)
Choice of two light colors: 4000 K (neutral white) or 3000 K (warm white)
Lifetime of 70,000 operating hours at L80B10
Suitable for one-to-one retrofit replacement of luminaires in existing installations
Bayonet whistle connector for easy installation without opening the luminaire
Vandal-resistant (IK10), ingress protection (IP66)
TailorFit PCB technology
Standard 3-year warranty program


Residential areas: residential streets, cycle paths & footpaths, roundabouts, squares, parks & playgrounds, parking areas
City centers: side streets, squares, parks & playgrounds, cycle paths & footpaths, roundabouts, parking areas, shopping & pedestrian areas
Area and Transportation: industrial areas, parking areas, petrol stations, airports, harbors, public transport areas
Sports: parking areas
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