Solar GreenVision

  • Comfortable, durable and safe

    • Solid die-cast housing design ensures long fixture lifetime\
    • Excellent thermal management ensures long system lifetime
    • World class, approbated quality components (LEDs/Driver/etc.)
    • Tool-less opening of the housing for ease of maintenance


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Product family information

GreenVision Mini offers an affordable LED road lighting solution to the customer for small pedestrian, residential and industrial roads. Its die-cast aluminum housing and Philips LEDGINE LED platform ensures long lifetime and reliability. Its higher luminaire system efficacy contributes to cut down the system cost in terms of PV panel size and battery capacity.


Up to 30% cost savings with full compliance to road lighting,safety standards compared to outdated solar luminaire
Superior W/m² performance delivered through different optics for greater flexibility to fit different road applications
Lumen output programmable as customization
Complies to P category road lighting safety standards
High quality cool and neutral white light with high color consistency


Small pedestrian
Residential roads
Industrial roads
Minor roads
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