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The Metro streetlight luminaire brings a fresh new light to your residential areas, local roads and industrial estates. Metro’s compact yet attractive housing easily blends in with your surroundings while making a significant contribution to a safer and more comfortable environment. It comes available with a choice of SON, HPL, CDM-ET and PL-T lamps for a high light output as well as fully integrated gear and mounting brackets for swift and simple installation and maintenance.



Compact luminaire body, designed to accept a variety of lamps: SON, HPLN, CDM-ET and PL-T
Quick and easy lamp replacement by removal of twist-lock bowl
Maintenance of the control gear and lamp holder is via a single slide-out gear/ lamp holder assembly
Mounting bracket for easy and flexible installation
Anti-vibration spring supplied for HID lamp versions


Residential streets
Areas requiring good security
Parks and gardens
Footpaths and access ways
Conveyor lighting
General mining lighting
Home yard lighting
Industrial lighting
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