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Dynalite Multipurpose Controllers

Dynalite Multipurpose Controllers

Dynalite Multipurpose Controllers
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      Within any project, many different lighting load types may be required to achieve a desired result. Each of these load types may require a different style of control. The Philips Dynalite range of multipurpose controllers allows customization of output types via different output module units. When using DIN-rail multipurpose controllers, a specific type of control can be chosen for each circuit: relay, leading-edge dimmer, trailing-edge dimmer, ballast control, controller with out-of-the-box functionality, fan control, and blind/screen control. In any combination, multiple load types can be controlled from a single device. This simplifies installation and prevents wasted capacity of circuits that are not required.


      Controllers support distributed intelligence, i.e. each device has a CPU with presets and can act as a stand-alone control unit
      Some devices have out-of-the-box functionality with re-configuration capability
      Simplified network messages and commissioning process


      Controllers can directly drive the different lighting groups within projects
      Controllers support an industry-standard RS485 port to communicate with other devices on the DyNet network, as well as with 3rd-party devices like HVAC, network devices, user interfaces
      Available in both DIN-rail and wall-box configurations
      Devices can store over 170 presets, allowing recall of complex switching logic from simple network messages
      Preset scenarios are stored within each relay device


      Depends on the lighting system in which the controls are used
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