Product Description

Performance Starters

Performance Starters

Performance Starters

  • Product Description

    • Premium quality ensures trouble-free operation
    • Low maintenance costs through extremely low early replacement levels
    • Secure, safe and fast lamp ignition according to IEC 155 international standard
    • The world’s only starters with no radioactive material inside the glow switch while maintaining high quality performance; patented technology avoids hazardous substances in the manufacturing and recycling phases
    • Flame-retardant components for additional safety
    • Redesigned canister top for easy installation; either with a screwdriver or through improved grip


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Product family information

Premium-quality glow switches range for igniting conventional electromagnetic fluorescent lamps


2-pin ignitor in plastic (flame-retardant polycarbonate) canister with radio‑interference suppression capacitor
S2 starters for ignition of low-voltage fluorescent TL lamps and series/single application in high voltage for lower wattages (4 - 22W)
S10 starters for ignition of high-voltage fluorescent TL lamps for higher wattages (4 - 65W)
Premium reliability with less than 100 early failures per million (<100 p.p.m.)
Reliable starting behaviour and lifetime
Do not contain hazardous radioactive isotopes for activating the glow switch
The shape of the canister is designed for a better grip while installing and replacing the starter


Starter replacement recommended when replacing fluorescent lamps


Used in conventional electromagnetic fluorescent lamp systems
S2 starters for LV applications and low-wattage HV applications (4 - 22W), both single and in series
S10 starters for HV applications (4 - 65W) in single application
S10 starters recommended for 18W HV single application
Starter replacement recommended together with fluorescent lamp replacement
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