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    • Flexible and tunable white

      LS161S LED8 TNW IP44 L5000
      LS161S LED8 TNW IP44 L5000

      LS161S LED8 TNW IP44 L5000

      Order code: 911401691603

      Full Product Code: 911401691603

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    General Information
    Beam angle of light source
    120 °
    Lamp colour code
    Tunable white
    Light source replaceable
    Number of gear units
    1 unit
    Driver included
    Luminaire light beam spread
    120° x 120°
    Control interface
    Dynamix DMX
    Glow-wire test
    650/5  [ Temperature 650 °C, duration 5 s]
    Flammability mark
    F  [ For mounting on normally flammable surfaces]
    CE mark
    CE mark
    Warranty period
    3 years
    Constant light output
    RoHS mark
    RoHS mark
    Operating and Electrical
    Input voltage
    24 V
    Input frequency
    - Hz
    Inrush current
    35 A
    Inrush time
    0.32 ms
    Controls and Dimming
    Mechanical and Housing
    Overall length
    5000 mm
    Overall width
    11 mm
    Overall height
    6 mm
    Approval and Application
    Ingress protection code
    IP44  [ Wire-protected, splash-proof]
    Mech. impact protection code
    IK02  [ 0.2 J standard]
    Initial Performance (IEC Compliant)
    Initial luminous flux
    800 lm
    Luminous flux tolerance
    Initial input power
    11.5 W
    Power consumption tolerance
    Over Time Performance (IEC Compliant)
    Median useful life L70B50
    30000 h
    Application Conditions
    Ambient temperature range
    -20 to +35 °C
    Maximum dimming level
    Suitable for random switching
    Product Data
    Full product code
    Order product name
    LS161S LED8 TNW IP44 L5000
    Order code
    Numerator – quantity per pack
    Numerator – packs per outer box
    Material no. (12NC)
    Net weight (piece)
    0.150 kg

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    Installation Diagrams
    LS161S LED8 TNW IP44 L5000
    LS161S LED8 TNW IP44 L5000

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