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Professional standard recessed downlights with a 145mm internal diameter. Complete with a very efficient highly polished reflector in sliver aluminium finish. Suitable for incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps.



Modular concept - same cut out diameter allows a consistent appearance and interchangeable accessories and components
Adjustable swing out metal clip integrates easily into various ceiling systems
Maintenance is simplified with direct lamp access from below
Employs highly efficient reflector with a polished upper part to increase reflection while the frosted lower part contributes to better glare control
Die cast aluminium housing creates a compact and sturdy architecture to interface with different accessories


Mixed use shopping centres
Department stores - general lighting
High-end fashion shops and boutiques
Restaurants, cafeterias and hotels
Museum display, public buildings and waiting areas
Transport buildings e.g. airport terminals and interchanges
Small offices and conference rooms
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