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Increasing   tourism and commerce

The new illumination in the city center helps put ancient Skopje among the top destination cities worldwide.
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The creative and unique lighting

of the new buildings, the city square, Kale fortress, the monuments and bridges have created true magic in the evenings and have made the picture of Skopje complete.''


- Mr. Trajanovski, the Mayor of the City of Skopje

Customer challenge


The regeneration of Skopje’s city center focuses on its Macedonian identity. Drawing inspiration from the architectural styles of classical antiquity, the project envisages the construction of roughly 40 epic monuments and 20 buildings, including museums, theaters, concert halls, hotels and administrative offices. New fountains, springs and benches will also be provided.

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The right lighting 


The project, with its new lighting, is expected to attract both tourists and residents into the city center, as well as encourage them to visit the city more frequently. The scheme integrates lighting into the various façades, highlighting the beauty of buildings and structures with light and shadow, attracting attention, and enhancing the structures' architectural details.


Benefits Skopje
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